Introducing Tanya Barron. I have been a Truckee resident since the mid-nineties and have worn many hats throughout my life. I was raised in Saratoga, in the South Bay Area.  A beautiful area, but I knew I wanted something different.

I fell in love with Tahoe while visiting in the summer months after taking a plunge in Lake Tahoe.  The water was crisp and clear and it suited me perfectly.  My boyfriend at the time convinced me to come to Truckee in the middle of winter, during a snowstorm. While sipping tomato soup at OB’s restaurant I felt as if I belonged and knew I would be moving there.  I rented a place shortly after that and made Truckee my home.

Truckee is not only beautiful, but it offers a lot of my favorite sports.  I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, wakeboarding, yoga, and paddleboarding.  The community has so much to offer from the Round House, Sierra College, Truckee Community Theater, amazing restaurants, and the night sky is a sight to see.

Currently, I am a realtor with Dickson Realty, and a financial consultant for the Small Business Development Center.  (A no-cost access for entrepreneurs seeking solutions for their businesses.)   I teach small businesses from here to the Sacramento area on how to set up and run the finances of their businesses.

I am currently very active in the working world, but now that my kids, Keiran and Keanna, are officially adults, I am ready to get back to community work.

Although I love that the Soroptimist is geared towards women & girls, the main reason I chose to join the Soroptimists is the mission of improving people’s lives.  I am a firm believer there is always room for growth, but sometimes people do not have the tools quite yet.  Showing compassion towards others leads to improvement not only for the recipient, but also for the givers.  

Some other reasons I decided to join the Soroptimists is a sense of unity towards a common goal, money being used towards humanitarian efforts, spending my time on purpose rather than solely entertainment, to foster more compassion in my heart, to become more aware of the struggles in the world, to grow as an individual, and for the social networking aspect as well. 

I love people and I love to serve, so it is a perfect fit!