We enjoyed a beautiful Installation dinner at Laura Mohun’s home on 6/27/24. President Cathy Leibow gave a lovely thank you to the board and members for the support she received during term as president. She gave delicious looking gift bags to each board member as a thank you.
Susan Horst, SNR Federation Program Chair and Conference Celebration of Life Coordinator, was our installing officer and inducted the new board and gave each of them a blooming plant. The officers for the July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025 fiscal year are:
  • President, Shirley Phelan
  • President-Elect, Marcy Alscott
  • Recording Secretary, Lynette Powell
  • Corresponding Secretary, Marie Strassburger
  • Treasurer, Nancy Davis
  • Treasurer-Elect, Kim Polities
  • Director: Denise Trani-Morris
  • Director: Chris Seitz
  • Delegate: Brady McClintock
  • Delegate: Lydia Corrillo
  • The appointed Parliamentarians are Lauren Hudson, Pati Johnson, Susan Horst.
Once the new board was installed, former President Cathy gave President, Shirley the beautiful transferable President’s pin. And President Shirley gave former President Cathy a gift from the members for her enjoyment in Las Vegas.
Lisa Barr, Membership Coordinator, announced the SITD longevity awardees: Patti Conk, Sue Sage and Cathy Leibow for 10 years, Angela White for 15 years, Lauren Hudson for 20 years and Lisa Swartz for 30 years.
After saying the SITD pledge together, we all enjoyed dinner catered by Casa Baeza. Constance Ledna and the Social Committee did a great job arranging the event and were grateful for Laura offering her home with its spectacular view for the evening.
On behalf of the members, Constance remarked, “Thank you to Cathy and her board for a great year. Best wishes on your new adventure, Cathy. We’ll miss you! We’re looking forward to a fabulous year ahead with Shirley and her board!”