SOLT January 2023  -  Empower SITD club members.

Soroptimist mission is to empower women and girls. That includes empowering our club members.

SITD has proven to empower its members to be club leaders using their experience and strengths in committees, board positions, and mentorship.

Over the last few years our club members:

  • created a new fundraiser, Soroptishop   
  • increased grant funding
  • encouraged and mentored new club leaders
  • implemented the Dream It Be it program at Truckee High
  • added a Grant Review Committee
  • added an energetic Finance Committee.

More than half our club members have been a member for 5 years or less. Do you realize it is your uniqueness, your strengths, your willingness to be vulnerable that gives our club a boost?

As a SITD club member our club needs you to volunteer and step out of your comfort zone to be empowered to participate fully in our club. Also, as a SITD club member our club needs you to support, uplift, and empower other members to do the same.