Happy May! As I write this, I am looking at about 9 feet of snow outside my window but there is sunshine! Hopefully, we will see something green sprout up soon! Despite all the weather challenges we have had, our Wine and Restaurant Faire team, headed by Susan Horst and Marie Strassburger, is hard at work preparing for the big event scheduled for June 10th from 5:00-7:30pm at Coyote Moon. Please remember all members are expected to contribute to this event by purchasing a ticket and volunteering in some way as this is our largest fundraiser of the year. The funds raised allow us to make an impact in the community via scholarships and grants to empower women and girls. If you need extra tickets, please swing by Dickson Realty.

Also, we will be electing our new Board at our next business meeting on May 11th. If you are interested in serving, starting in July 2023, please contact Cathy Leibow as soon as possible, but no later than May 8. Finally, please make sure to fill out your proxy form if you will not be able to attend this important meeting in person or via Zoom. You will find the proxy form under our website. Go the the "members only" tab from the home page, then "member happenings" and you will see the form. It only takes a moment to fill out and submit online.

On May 4th, we will have a program meeting to review the committees within our club. This is a great time to meet other members and ask questions about the various committees and positions. Please remember, as part of membership all members are expected to join two committees.

Lots of exciting times ahead as we prepare for our biggest fundraiser, our 2023–24 term, and soaking up some sunshine!