SITD has launched a new, updated website for the public with a more intuitive, responsive interface. The website continues to ensure that interested public have access to all our events, fundraising efforts and information, while highlighting our updates, news, stories and happenings in a more mobile friendly environment.
Our current board made the big decision to upgrade our public and member facing websites this January, and a small website committee was tasked with the job of transitioning and transferring our informative website over to a new all-in-one program. The committee and board chose to utilize ClubRunner for this program to help ensure that privacy, compliance and interfacing needs were met (and will continue to be met) and that new browsing features can be utilized (SEO, metatags, and more!).
ClubRunner is an award-winning collaboration tool for clubs that want to effectively: reach members, improve communication between members and public, organize their club more effi ciently. It can maintain our club data, organize events and volunteers, handle private and public documents and more. It is our hope that this program will allow us to consilodate all our web needs under one platform, making it simpler for the public and our members to access their needs. We launched our public facing website: on April 22, in conjunction with the beginning of our Wine Tasting Event Promotion, and look forward to launching the member website:, after our May business meeting.
Any questions, contact Katy Jones or Chris Seitz.
Thank you to Jayne Hahin who developed our original website and maintained it for years, followed by Lynette Powell, who continued to maintain and update the website and store all our critical documents. We appreciate your years of service to help SITD communicate better with itself and maintain our presence on the internet.