On April 27th, 2022 we honored high school students from Truckee High and Sierra High with a Youth Appreciation Lunch (YAL). This year we were able to have the event in Dana Frank’s Culinary Classroom at Truckee High School (THS).
We celebrated students from both Truckee High School and Sierra High who were chosen by the school department heads and teachers for the students’ interest and involvement in selected areas of study, not necessarily academic or athletic. While enjoying a pizza lunch from Zano’s, we heard many moving recommendations from teachers and we all enjoyed learning about the students’ families, hobbies and goals for the future. “I’m so honored to have been recognized for this award and I’m grateful and appreciative for the generosity in our small community. I hope I can inspire younger students to strive for their future goals.” said Julianna Martin, THS honoree. Each student was given an honorary certificate and a $15 gift certificate to Coffee Bar. Dana Frank added, “It is so nice to be able to properly celebrate these amazing students!” This year five selected students from Sierra High who walked over to THS with Alicia Gampey-Gebel, Sierra High counselor and were joined by 15 THS students. Attending Soroptimists were Shirley Phelan, Lisa Barr, Nancy Wallis, Brady McClintock, Charlene Simmons, Pam English and Chris Seitz. Soroptimist Erika Murphy, and Truckee High Culinary Instructor Dana Frank, helped us organize the program and decorate the room.