We had an inspiring Celebrating the Best for Women (CBW) event on March 21st at the Glenshire Club House. Over 80 guests attended, including Soroptimists, awardees, their families and friends. Fourteen awards were given, including to our Woman of Distinction, Phyllis McConn.
Guests were greeted with delightful music provided by Heidi Kuzma on piano and Tru Laboissionnier on saxaphone.
Volunteer high school students from Truckee and Sierra High served guests delicious appetizers and desserts made and provided by SITD members.
Susan Horst, CBW Coordinator, welcomed our guests and recognized all of our past WOD guests including Laura Mohen, Cindy Macial, Karen Eagen, Megan Seiffert and Sandy Horn. Susan gave an overview of our celebratory event and led the audience in the singing of The Star Spangle Banner.
President, Cathy Leibow, introduced our honorary guests, Sierra Nevada Region (SNR) Governor Lisa Fitzgerald, SNR District 5 Director, Holly Nash, Trudy Mills SNR Federation Membership Chair, Susan Horst, SNR Federation Program Chair. President, Cathy Leibow, led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, President-elect, Shirley Phelan, presented the Thought for the Day. SNR Governor, Lisa, gave an inspirational message recounting the history of Soroptimists.
Brady McClintock, VRA coordinator, presented our two Violet Richardson Awards (VRA) awards to high school girls who volunteer in their community. Each girl received $300 for herself and $300 for the charity of her choice. The awardees were Bryn Kidd and Vallerie Laguna.
Lynette Powell, LYD Coordinator, introduced the Live Your Dream (LYD) awardees. These are women with dependents, who provide the primary source of family income and are in a program to improve their career opportunities through education or training. The awardees are Melissa Giannetto, Jennifer Saldana, Veronica Coleman, Maria G. Verduzco Espinoza. The awardees received $10,000 between them.
Dr. Tanya Gill sponsored two Career Advancement Scholarships (CAS) at $5000 each. They were Michelle Salas Nevarez and Mariela Bolanos. The other awards were presented by President, Cathy Leibow. They are Crystal Garcia, Jessica Delgado-Mora, Coreen Young, Stephany Alonzo and Melanie Corrall. A total of $26,000 was given to CAS recipients.
Our 2023 Ruby Award, locally called Woman of Distinction, is our most important award and annually given to a woman who over many years has contributed to the empowerment of woman and girls in our community. This year’s award was introduced by Philippa Nigg, Ruby Award Coordinator, and presented to Phyllis McConn. Phyllis was introduced by last year’s winner, Megan Seiffert: Phyllis was persuaded to help out at the Truckee Tahoe Community Foundation ‘for a little while’ when she and her husband moved to Truckee 20 years ago – after 11 years as a volunteer she became a member of staff and is still there today, now their Community Impact officer. To use Megan’s words, thru her many roles in our community Phyllis has always “exhibited selfless service, unwavering dedication to the girls and women of this community, with the legacy of making our community a better place for all.”