Every year, SITD sponsors a "baby shower" for the teen moms at Sierra High School and for any parents who get stuck in Truckee and need baby items from diapers to bottles. Kathleen Raber will host the event at her home on March 2nd at 5:30. 
Someone from the Sierra High Day Care Center will attend and discuss the 20 years that SITD and the Truckee Tahoe School District have supported teen mothers and their children with the STEPP program. Girls at Sierra High "earn" gifts at the closet for such activities as attending their prenatal appointments and parenting classes.
Kathleen will send out a list of needs for the closet later in February. Come to learn about the program, bring a gift for a child and enjoy appetizers together with our club members.
Here are a few ideas for the closet this year:
  • Snow bibs & Jackets 18 months-3 years old gender neutral colors.
  • Toddler toys/ activities
  • Baby/ toddler feeding supplies. Bottles, plates, zippy cups, pacifiers, tethers, and utensils.
  • Safety kits
  • Health kits thermometers etc.
  • Baby soap, diaper cream
  • Sleep sacs and swaddles  for 0-18months
  • Diapers size 1-5
  • In of need of Boy clothing 18 months-3years old
  • Clothing 0-3 years old
  • Potty training underwear
  • Large size books
  • Gift cards for groceries
  • Socks and shoes for toddlers size 4-7
  • No we are still stocked up on blankets. We don’t need more at this time.